»»»»»»»»HAIRFALL TREATMENT:Causes,Prevention,Control,Symptoms and Home Remedies««««««««


                      What is hair fall?

»Hair loss is a common problem that everyone faces at one point. It is difficult to point out one reason for hair fall in any person. Hormonal imbalance may lead to hair fall. In men, it is usually genetic as a person can inherit this type of disease from his parents.



Due to fever, Overdose of Vitamin A and Vitamin B,Iron Deficiency,Female Hormones,Sudden Weight Loss,Overstyling Hair,Protein Deficiency,Pcos,Anemia,Thyroid Organ,Toxins,Burns,Chronic Kidney,Failure Radiation,Chemotherapy,Hormonal Imbalances and Physical Stress. Prevention is the best option before curing any disease. The prevention may not cure your hair fall problems but help to slow down your hair fall. The following are some of the prevention’s you would take for hair fall. Maintain a balanced diet.

🔹Iron + vitamin B–

5 raisins soaked in half a cup of water overnight and remove the seeds and peel in the morning and eat it and drink water.


Black cumin powder, carom seeds powder, fennel seeds powder black cardamon powder and ginger powder. Take equal quantity to make powder or daily half a cup of milk.



What You’ll Need:-


Yogurt –1cup

Mustard oil–3 tbsp




🔹Method 🔹

  • Mix all ingredients into a bowl.

  • Apply to your hair from the ends to the roots.

  • Let it sit for half to one hour and then shampoo your hairs.

  • Wet hair I add a little almond oil.

🔹Oil 🔹

What You’ll Need:-

  • Castor oil — Half cup

  • Vitamin E oil(400mg) —5 capsule  

  • Coconut oil —Half cup


🔹Method 🔹

  • Mix the three oils in a clean bowl.

  • Heat the oil.

  • Apply the oil on your scalp and hair.

  • Massage your scalp for a few minutes.

  • Leave it on for 30-40 minutes and then shampoo your hairs.










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